More about me

Bronwyn Windsor
Photo courtesy of Josephine Blue

My name is Bronwyn, and I’m married to Lionel. When our children were little, and I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mum running around after them, I (occasionally) exercised my brain cells by proofreading Lionel’s essays while he studied theology at Moore College in Sydney, and then at Durham University, UK. Once our children were all at school, I had the time to proofread for a friend, and then in a professional capacity for a publishing house in Sydney, for Moore College, and for other organisations. The “notice the details” option is permanently switched to “on” in my brain whenever I read anything, which is great for editing and proofreading, but less great for reading the newspaper (argh! so many typos!).

Little Queen St, Newtown
Photo courtesy of Josephine Blue

In my spare time I like to read all sorts of things (surprise, surprise), drink Earl Grey tea or a three-quarter flat white coffee, go running just before sunset with Taylor Swift’s 1989 turned up loud, learn more alongside others about being a follower of Jesus Christ, and also overthink everything.