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Hello! Welcome to editing services by Bronwyn Windsor.

You can engage my editing and proofreading services services for:

  • spelling and grammar
  • academic style (e.g. Vancouver, Chicago, SBL, APS, Australian, or according to your institution’s or publisher’s style)
  • tone and flow of argument
  • biblical references.

I have a degree in classical and Australian literature and archaeology, and professional experience in editing and proofreading non-fiction books, academic essays at Masters level, PhD dissertations in humanities and social sciences, theological monographs, training resources, academic course materials, and magazines.

Bronwyn provided an efficient and attentive proofread of several chapters for my PhD thesis. She was careful with consistency and in checking any possible content changes that may not have fitted my intention. I highly recommend her professional editing service and look forward to enlisting her assistance in future projects.

Jenny Brown PhD
Social Science, University of New South Wales

Bronwyn has provided excellent editing services for Moore College’s distance learning materials (PTC). She has a keen eye and her turn-around time is very quick.

Dr Chase Kuhn
Lecturer, Moore Theological College

Working with Bronwyn is an absolute joy. She is conscientious and careful and she always finishes our jobs in good time, often sending them back well before the deadline we’ve agreed upon. Her rate is very reasonable and she always does her best to be available for our proofreading work, even at very short notice. Bronwyn also has a great sense of humour, which I certainly appreciate. I have no hesitation at all in recommending that you ask Bronwyn to do your next proofreading job.

Emma Thornett
Managing Editor, Matthias Media

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How it works

It’s super easy: fill out the enquiry form, including a sample of your work; I’ll send you an estimate; if you wish to go ahead then send me the full document (normally with an AUD50 deposit via Paypal or credit card); I’ll send the document back to you with the markups; and I’ll invoice you for the balance via PayPal.

Step 1: Submit an Enquiry

Click here to submit an enquiry. You’ll need to provide:

  • your name and contact details.
  • a brief description of the kind of work it is (e.g. book, essay, thesis).
  • the total number of words in your work.
  • any particular requirements (e.g. style guide).
  • what kind of editing or proofreading you would like (e.g. basic proofreading for spelling and grammar, and/or more intensive editing for tone and flow of argument, and/or checking biblical references).
  • a Microsoft Word or PDF file containing at least 500 words typical of the work.
  • the date by which you will provide the full manuscript to me.
  • the date by which you require the proofread manuscript to be returned to you.

Step 2: Pricing and availability

Based on your enquiry, I’ll get in touch to let you know whether I can do the editing or proofreading within the timeframe, and if so will provide an estimated cost. I charge a flat rate of AUD45/hour.

Step 3: Engaging my services

If you’d like to proceed, you can engage my services. I normally ask for an AUD50 deposit, which you can pay via PayPal or credit card.

You will then need to send me your manuscript as a Microsoft Word or PDF file by the agreed date. I will mark up your manuscript with suggestions for changes, insertions, and deletions. I will then return your marked-up manuscript to you by the agreed date.

It is then your responsibility to update your own copy of the manuscript.

Step 4: Invoicing and payment

Along with the marked-up manuscript, I will send you an invoice with 30-day terms. The invoice can be paid via PayPal or credit card.


I make every effort to ensure accuracy in my editing and proofreading work for my clients. However, the ultimate responsibility for the work rests with the client, and I can take no responsibility and accept no liability for damages or costs caused by any errors left in the document.

It is the responsibility of students to ensure they abide by any relevant laws and regulations of their academic institution.

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More about me

Bronwyn Windsor
Photo courtesy of Josephine Blue

My name is Bronwyn, and I’m married to Lionel. When our children were little, and I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mum running around after them, I (occasionally) exercised my brain cells by proofreading Lionel’s essays while he studied theology at Moore College in Sydney, and then at Durham University, UK. Once our children were all at school, I had the time to proofread for a friend, and then in a professional capacity for a publishing house in Sydney, for Moore College, and for other organisations. The “notice the details” option is permanently switched to “on” in my brain whenever I read anything, which is great for editing and proofreading, but less great for reading the newspaper (argh! so many typos!).

Little Queen St, Newtown
Photo courtesy of Josephine Blue

In my spare time I like to read all sorts of things (surprise, surprise), drink Earl Grey tea or a three-quarter flat white coffee, go running just before sunset with Taylor Swift’s 1989 turned up loud, learn more alongside others about being a follower of Jesus Christ, and also overthink everything.